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Toddler Program 2 - 3 years

Tows are in a transitional stage, making the move from babyhood to childhood. They are in the process of acquiring and enthusiastically using many new skills.

Little girl

So our program for tows in a safe, organized environment is to create an environment that geared for exploration, excitement, and exercise. In this age group, toddlers are given a variety of choices for learning experiences in a fun and engaging way that help develop their brain, personality, behavior, and health with a focus on reaching and mastering emerging milestones.

Some of the activities that we provide for tows are story time, simple puzzles, paint with a brush, verbal and language skills, self help skills are also improving, including the achievement of toilet training for the majority of children during this year.

At Bright Little Blossoms we provide a supportive, consistent, and safe environment in which rapidly growing skills can be practiced and mastered.

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