Bright Little Blossoms Daycare programs

Infant Program 6 weeks - 24 months

Infant’s brain is developing rapidly; during this phase of life experiences high quality infant care program have strong and positive impact on the foundation for future growth, learning and academic success.

At Bright Little Blossoms our program for infants 6 weeks to 24 months is to encourage learning and stimulate each child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in a safe, secure, welcoming and nurturing environment.

Toddler Program 2 - 3 years

Tows are in a transitional stage, making the move from babyhood to childhood. They are in the process of acquiring and enthusiastically using many new skills.

So our program for tows in a safe, organized environment is to create an environment that geared for exploration, excitement, and exercise. In this age group, toddlers are given a variety of choices for learning experiences in a fun and engaging way that help develop their brain, personality, behavior, and health with a focus on reaching and mastering emerging milestones.


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